Three Steps to Small Business Social Media


Lately we have been hearing a lot of people complain that their social media efforts are not driving desired results, therefore lacking significant return on investment. When they see such failure they are simply losing interest and moving away from social media channels. But all this can be fixed with a few simple techniques that a lot of them are …

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Understanding Website Process in Web Development


While many users today are familiar with using modern to complex websites, not many actually know how the website process works from the setting start to launch phase. The process involved might not be as easy as it appears at the back-end process, but in short terms we’ll go through basics in the website process. So let’s get started. Wire-frame …

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Email Marketing 101


Why Send Emails? Email marketing is usually done to promote your latest products, events, or simply as a communication tool announcing the latest company news. You have to be very careful not to carry yourself away and send too many emails in a short period of time, as this could result in losing your audience and your clients hitting the …

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Top 5 SEO Pitfalls


Sometimes things fall down to you the owner to handle your own search engine optimization. When it comes to doing an SEO for yourself there are certain things you need to be aware of. Skipping them could jeopardize your efforts and prevent you from achieving the desired SEO results. So we have put down a simple to follow list of …

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