Understanding Website Process in Web Development


While many users today are familiar with using modern to complex websites, not many actually know how the website process works from the setting start to launch phase. The process involved might not be as easy as it appears at the back-end process, but in short terms we’ll go through basics in the website process. So let’s get started.

Wire-frame Design

Any good website needs to differ itself from other websites to create unique viewing experience and gain repeat visitors. This leads us to step one, wire-frame. This process is done by informational architect. You can think of it as a blue print screen of your website, or skeleton of the website where strategic placement of your content, images, and click to actions are taking place. Questions to keep in mind when doing wire-frames are “Where to you want to lead the viewer? What will happen once they click here and there? Where the most important messaging block will be placed?” Remember that you should thoroughly identify with your audience and provide an easy to browse solution in order to get your desired results.

Website Design

Once wire-frames are in place, there are sent to a design department where designers are making this flattened outline become a visual mock-up of the website. Each of the pages is carefully designed with latest and modern website trends in mind. During website design, you want to ensure that you didn’t miss any important elements and now is the time to make any tweaks to design mock-ups.

Website Development

After all designed pages are approved by art director, the development team takes over. They will follow created wire-frames or structures of the website with visual contents. The latest technology is used to develop any website to ensure fast page load times and browser compatibility requirements are met. Many restrictions are coming into play, making sure the website will work on different browsers, tablets, and phone platforms properly. Is the website working properly? Is the site security in place? Are orders, contact forms, links being effective and are there any broken links? All these questions are checked by director of development and then double checked by project management.


Now that you have your website fully programmed and in working order, how do you make it accessible to everyone on the internet? You will need web hosting, which is your online home for this website. But every home needs an address, which leads us to the domain name. Domain name is website address, or URL. It is commonly used with .com. But there are many other TLDs, or Top Level Domains, such as .net, .org, .co and the list is expanding each year.

Working Website

Once all these steps take place the viewer will simple open the browser, type in your domain name and visit the website. Pretty simple, right?

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