Website Content For SEO in 2014

In this article we will explore some new tips to writing quality content for your website for better search engine optimization. Search engine optimization remains to be one of the most effective tools in internet marketing. Before we get started it’s important to realize that Google has made significant changes to its algorithm with Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. While each of them carries a different task, they all are created to ensure Google provides its users more accurate results. So let’s get to it.

Quality Content

I have been saying this since early 2000’s, as has Google, that content is king. With the latest Google Panda and Hummingbird that strive to deliver more accurate searches, your hard work at writing quality unique content will be rewarded.

Back in those early days we could have created content that was keyword driven to ensure higher placement in search engine results. We could have also miss matched content and used irrelevant keywords as well on the same page, but all that is a thing of a past. Today we want to create unique valuable content for our visitors that will outweigh any keyword stuffed, low quality content of the past.

In today’s age algorithms are designed to read your website content as a regular visitor would, therefore keywords within your content are becoming much less relevant. In the past the golden rule of thumb was to average about 550 words per page, today in 2014 the average seems to double at about 1000+ words per page. While many debate over what length of words are need for better rankings, all agree that content should provide value to the reader and be high-quality content.

In order to get a well-balanced site optimized for search engines it’s important to provide a mixture of graphics, videos, white papers, and PDF files as Google does value content variety. If you have a video tutorial, or a video related to the pages content, go ahead and use it on that particular page.

When you are done with your on page content, jump over to the social media networks you use and provide unique, high quality, human generated content as well. Link to your articles you write, to your blog posts, and interact with your audience. Remember that writing content is best done when writing quality content for your target audience in mind.

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