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Career At Web Design Agency

When it comes to employment at a web design agency making the right decision to continue doing what you love to do is very important. Choosing the wrong one can lead you to choosing a different field and moving away from the industry all together. Starting a career fresh out of school can also prove to be a difficult task as majority of the good agencies are looking for experience. In order to gain experience it’s best to design a few websites, logos, and build up your portfolio before applying for a job. Start with smaller web design companies to gain experience and then move up as you progress through your learning curve. We are always accepting resumes and keep them handy for when we have an opening to consider creative applicants for such positions. To send us your resume please email it to [email protected]

Web Design Portfolio



At WebCO Interactive we always have doors open for creative individuals who are very motivated, passionate, and enjoy working in a friendly environment. Each of our team members knows what they do best and does not try to be a master of all. We do not believe in strong regime but rather a relaxed environment that gets the job done correctly and on time at your own pace.

Our designers have been known to play a little PS3 or go for a long coffee breaks to get in touch with their creative genius, but that is completely tolerant at WebCO, because we know that sometimes you have to wait for the inspiration to kick in, and when it does, the job gets done right.



Sales Representative

Full-time or part-time position for applicants who are driven, goal-oriented, enjoy problem solving, energetic, fun to be around, and can sell. This is a sales position with commission only structure. Work from the pace of your home or from our office. Commissions are paid out per sale and can range from $200 up to $5,000. This possition can turn into a full-time employee position with benefits depending on the performance. If this is something that you might be interested in, please send us your resume to [email protected]


For all others, we welcome you to send us your resume. So whether you are a developer, graphic designer, or a programmer, feel free to send us your resume to [email protected]