Custom Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo design should be crafted for your company in mind to deliver your message and be remarkable. After all, your business logo will be the first impression of your company therefore it should be memorable and increase your brand’s trust and build credibility in the marketplace.

Your logo should translate across a variety of different media. For example a logo that is to be used on the website should also work well for your business cards or other advertising media. Our final logo designs that we deliver are optimized for every channel including printer friendly formats as well as black and white version of your logo.

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  • Research

    Logo Research Ideas
    Using your input we also research different logos and your competitors to gather ideas and things you like.

  • Brainstorm

    Logo Brainstorm Session
    Use what we found in the research we have a brainstorm session for logo ideas and colors to use.

  • Sketch

    Sketch Logo Design
    Begin the initial sketch for different logo types using our brainstorm and research session as a guide.

  • Digitalize

    Digitize Your Logo
    We bring your logo to life and create multiple versions such as black & white and transparent.

  • Deliver

    Logo Design Formats
    Once the digital design has been completed we submit the final work to you in latest digital formats.

Small Business Logo Design

How long is the process?

Typically our logo design process takes up to 7 business days. Depending on your feedback and approval times this may vary. We don’t make any process until we receive your response. Remember that no logo design is considered finished until we receive your final approval. Your satisfaction is our top priority.