If you haven’t already heard, but Jermaine Dupri has stepped inside the web world with his new business model called Global14.com. As stated by Mr. Dupri “with internet you can touch the world”, but in this particular example, unfortunately you are not touching much.

As great as this idea sounds, personally I was not able to view Mr. Dupris website. This goes to show you that investing your dollars with a reputable web company is very important. Below we have outlined our experience with Mr. Dupris new Global14.com website with multiple website errors. After trying again and again for over an hour, yes I was very determined, I was not able to test drive and play around on this new and fun idea to further compliment great comments that I’ve read about and seen on television.

So let this be a great lesson to a lot of you, new, young, and unexperienced entrepreneurs stepping into the website world. Investing your money wisely is essential. Making sure that your web development company does not go into creative frenzy, with limited knowledge, during visitation hours, is a must from your ownership perspective. You have to set some limits and please choose dead-hours such as midnight to avoid these embarrassing moments of unprofessionalism. Don’t forget to close your website to general public with “website is under maintenance” message correctly, unlike what we have seen so far.

Hopefully we will get to see Global14.com soon. Much luck to Mr. Dupri in his internet endeavors.