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Web Design Glossary

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization is the technique to refine the websites content and code to increase websites visibility within one or more search engines. Appropriate keywords, accurate meta tags, etc. facilitates site crawling and influencing a more prominent search engine organic ranking.
  2. SEO: SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving the website and its content's ranking in search engines to attract more visitors. It ensures that the website contains useful information, accurate information in meta tags and facilitates site crawling from other web sites to make links to the site.
  3. Search Engine Optimization Tips: One should patiently decide before hiring an SEO, as it can potentially improve the website's traffic and save time, however, it can also risk damage to the website and its reputation. One should make proper research on the potential advantages and disadvantages of bad SEO for their websites.
  4. Search Engine Optimization Tools: There are various Search Engine Optimization tools available to check duplicable content, crawler stimulator, to determine the link text used by backlinks to link to the website, backlink builder, keyword density checker, link price calculator, etc. These tools facilitate optimization of the website.
  5. Search Engine Optimization Consultants: Search Engine Optimization Consultants are companies that suggest the client with changes to bring about the quality traffic on their website and convert them into sales. SEO consultants suggest improved web design for the website to increase traffic and provide unique content for better crawling done by search engines.
  6. Organic Search Engine Optimization: Organic Search Engine Optimization helps by providing unique content to the website so that they get listed on the search engine results pages due to the relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. It also helps the website to improve upon their headlines, meta tags and also draws backlinks from other web pages.
  7. Search Engine Optimization Service: Search Engine Optimization Services include suggesting attractive design for the website, providing unique content to lure more traffic and achieve higher search engine listing. It also focuses entirely on generating qualified sales leads with best ROI for the website.
  8. Web Design Firms: Web Design firms focus on the functional features of a web site and provide services to position content and images with the help of graphic designs on the site at proper places to lure people to the website. These firms help in planning of a website as it is the most essential part of web design and is more important than creating and uploading a website.
  9. Web Design Prices: Web Design Prices are based on the amount of work required on a certain website. Cost for website includes the amount of investment done on site theme design along with page designing, and programming, if in case it is done. The site designing could vary from creating light themes to flash designs, logo designs, graphic designs, banner designs, etc.
  10. e-Commerce Web Design: e-Commerce Web Designing is done for professional customizing of the websites to make it online transactions easy for both website owners and customers. It facilitates selling or subscription of a product and taking payments for a service via online transaction on the websites.
  11. Web Design Agencies: Web Design Agencies create strategy and design solutions for the websites to impress customers and convert their visits into sales. They help in increasing awareness and drive in new customers through our corporate online marketing strategies.
  12. Web Design Companies: Web Design Companies stress upon brand creation among the users through the websites, hence make good-looking websites to achieve dynamic and desired results. They make fully functional, interactive and impressive websites for the companies as a long-lasting asset to fulfill specific needs from clients.
  13. Web Design Jobs: The most important job in Web Design sector is that of the graphic designer, who create advertisement designs for the website. Other jobs in the sector are that of ad writer, salesperson to the client and bidder for advertising space.
  14. Web Design Service: Web Design Services are used to provide the required look to the clients' website, whether it seeks complicated, simple, straightforward, beautiful or extremely advanced design. The services help the clients to project their thoughts outward and strike the online world with the most stunning and engaging look of their website.
  15. Interactive Web Design: Interactive Web Design is when the users can communicate with the clients using the website. These designs have flash animations and videos to offer a better grasp of product and services to the user.
  16. Professional Web Design: For creating a good looking and user friendly website, and to gain a better web presence, one should seek the help of Professional Web Designers. They deliver high quality web-based solutions and IT enabled services for the design and development of websites and applications for enhanced website usability.
  17. Web Design: Web Design is used to create websites for the clients with useful and unique content relevant to the users. It consists of text and images and is used for graphical designing of objects for information environment on the internet.
  18. Web Design Firm: Web Design Firms help the clients to create website to command attention from the users about their product and services. They have unique approach to create websites with impressive looks in the meanwhile targeting on an effective online presence to represent the best image and identity of your business.
  19. Web Design Templates: Web Design Templates are ready-made web designs that helps the graphic designers to create state of the art websites. These pre-designed websites can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality website and can be customized as per the users requirements.
  20. Custom Web Design: Custom Web Designs are designed with close consultation with the clients about the color scheme, layout and design of the website. These custom website define the clients business and it is designed so that it appeals to the client and their target audience.
  21. Flash Web Design: Flash Web Design has replaced the traditional methods of web-designing and has become a very strong platform to make an impact on the users. It helps the graphic designers to design animated Flash websites, intros, Flash banners, Flash ads, etc. It is very user-friendly and has a wide range of effect templates ready for use.
  22. Web Design Directory: Web Design Directory enables a businessman to find a good web designer for creating its new website. The directory lists all type of Website Designers and Programmers along with their customers. It also contains the latest news and updates related to the website business.
  23. Web Hosting: Web Hosting services allow people to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. The hosting companies offer space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients.
  24. Web Design Software: Web Design Software are tools that are used to create attractive and aesthetically pleasing websites. These softwares facilitate website creation to help improve your business or personal Websites.
  25. Business Web Design: Business Web Designs are utilized to create specific websites to target at all aspects of business and target audience to encapsulate the correct formula that will deliver high visual appeal. It also prompts the users for a good conversion rate for the clients.
  26. Outsource Web Design: Creating of websites can be outsourced to certain Outsource Web Design companies, which provide customized web design options at affordable prices to their clients. They take care of the web site requirements, like; web site maintenance and Internet marketing services.
  27. Search Engine: Search Engines are created so as to search for information on the internet by using them. They present a series of search results in a list, known as hits, on entering the required keywords for the information. It consists of web pages, images, information and other types of files.
  28. Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing is a type internet marketing to advertise websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages. They use techniques like; search engine optimization, paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion for the promotion.
  29. Search Engine Submission: Search Engine Submission is process of submitting a new website directly to a search engine on the worldwide web. It is another way of promoting a web site, however it is not considered necessary as major search engines utilize crawlers to find new and relevant sites by themselves.
  30. Search Engine Ranking: Search Engines crawl on the websites and place them in the search engine result pages as per their relevance. These positions, known as Search Engine Rankings, are given to them as per their search terms appearing in the HTML title tag.
  31. Logo Design: Logo Design is a graphic mark that visually embodies a company or an organization. It represent companies' identity, name, symbol or emblem for immediate definitive recognition by a targeted market.
  32. Logo Design Service: Logo Design Services are services that are provided to the client while designing their logos. These services include; research and visualization of logo concepts, designing samples with absolutely new graphic symbols, iteration of samples and delivering the final logo to the client.
  33. Business Logo Design: Business Logo Design are unique logos for a particular business. Logo designers create an original business logo, revise them as per the client's instructions and offer the client's with highest quality logo design service. These logos preserve the corporate identity of the business and retain brand recognition with the customers.
  34. Catalog Design: Catalog is the direct representation of a company, hence a good Catalog Design is mandatory to appeal to the businesses' audience. Catalog display the individuality of a product, hence they help in increasing the product's sales. There are separate set of catalogs for each requirement, ranging from the business-to-business model to business-to-consumer model to older folks from the younger ones.
  35. Web Developers: A software developer or software engineer who develops applications for the internet is known as a Web Developer. They are involved in the non-design aspect of building a web site, which are; writing markup and coding.
  36. Photography Website Designs: Photography Website Designs are done for professional photographers to make their websites stand out from the pack, with state-of-the-art, multimedia presence to showcase their photos. These cutting-edge designs demonstrate the photographer's passion and helps to attract new clients.
  37. Internet Advertising Agencies: Internet Advertising Agencies deal with promoting the clients product and service on the world wide web in the form of advertising banners. Internet advertising works excellent with a certain category of products and services. It can directly relate to sales and enhance brand awareness, recognition and networking.
  38. Ad Agency: Ad Agency or an advertising agency is business servicing intended to create, plan and deals with the clients advertisements and promotions of its product and services. Ad agencies are client independent. It also manages the clients overall marketing and branding strategies and sales promotions for its clients.
  39. Art Jobs: Art Jobs are for individuals with knack for creative work that connects to the senses or emotions of the customers. These jobs includes; ad designers, logo designers, web designers, cartoon illustrator, and more.
  40. Corporate Templates: Corporate Templates are professionally designed templates that have a general business theme that can be used for creating presentations, websites, logos, business cards, and more. These templates are fully customizable and can be changed so as to attain desired designs.
  41. Interactive Agency: Interactive Agency are agencies that offer advertising services along with web design/development, search engine marketing, and e-business/e-commerce consulting. They offer specialized advertising and marketing services for the digital space, that is via Internet, kiosks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and lifestyle devices such as, iPods and mobile.
  42. Internet Advertising: Internet Advertising is promotion of products using the web portal that is internet and World Wide Web. It is an interactive way to deliver marketing messages to attract customers as it is immediate in publishing of information and the content is not limited by time or geography.
  43. Internet Marketing Companies: Internet Marketing Companies deploy new techniques to market their products using text advertisements, banners and more on multiple websites. It helps to promote the products by simply posting their ad on the website. These ads are paid advertisements and free advertisements depending upon the clients requirements.

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We have put together a small list of mostly used web design glossary items below. It is not intended to be a full dictionary of HTML, javascript, server-side development, or any other codes and tags.

The emphasis of this web design glossary is to explain the common terms that one would hear or come across when dealing with web design related projects or working in graphic design field. It will provide you with basic understanding of terms dealt in web design world.

Should you spot something out of the ordinary feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] After we all we have created this glossary of web design terms for educational purposes only.