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WebCO Interactive has been in business since 1999 and is one of the best Atlanta Web Design firms. With offices located just outside midtown Atlanta, in Norcross, WebCo Interactive delivers ultimate results to all of their web design clients.

At WebCo Interactive we create unique solutions that drive the best possible results for each client. Each solution that we develop is custom build and designed by our in-house programmers and designers. We build custom solutions to unique problems and thrive on our client’s success.

Solutions that we provide strive at eliminating many of the administrative time consuming processes and provide a nine hundred pound gorilla salesman that works for your business 24/7.



We have put together a small list of mostly used web design glossary items below. It is not intended to be a full dictionary of HTML, javascript, server-side development, or any other codes and tags.

The emphasis of this web design glossary is to explain the common terms that one would hear or come across when dealing with web design related projects or working in graphic design field. It will provide you with basic understanding of terms dealt in web design world.

Should you spot something out of the ordinary feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]. After we all we have created this glossary of web design terms for educational purposes only.