5 Tips For Choosing The Right Web Design Company

How do I find the right company for my web design project? Who are these companies? Where can I find a web design company? If you have found yourself wondering which company to choose for your next web design project, then here are some useful tips to get you started in the right direction. Please note that this article is not for those shopping on a low budget. If you are indeed on a low budget, then good luck to you and don’t have high expectations.


1. Start your research.
First start conducting your research on companies in your area, or other national firms that you know about. Start off by asking some of your friends and turn to your online friend Google. Some of your work colleagues might know a good company so ask around. Once you have found your top picks look at their portfolio and see their capabilities. Make sure they can do exactly what you are looking for. Stay away from overseas companies.

2. Create a project overview.
Write down exactly what you are looking for. Include all of your function you want to have, all of your pages, forms, etc… Also be as descriptive as possible so your project can easily be understood. Write all of your requirements, timeframes, and provide any websites that you like certain things from.

3. Request project quote.
Now it’s time to request a quote from all web design companies in your list. Attach your project overview and your contact information and submit it for an estimate. Once you receive them back, review each proposal and analyze their project approach, level of professionalism, pricing, details, and timeframes.

4. Compare Features.
A good company should offer you some of the following no matter what you are asking. Their proposal should include: custom design; banner design; some limited flash design; XHTML and CSS development; light search engine optimization; contact form; lead generation form.

5. Get to know them.
Call the ones you have picked and talk to them over the phone. Ask for a face to face meeting and drive to their office. See if they can do all the work in-house or if they outsource. Get a few references and research their portfolio. Call each company back a few times and follow up with a couple of emails. This will help you see how responsive they are as it will reflect how they will handle your project once you get started.

Now that you have found the best pick, schedule a meeting, and get started. Best of luck on your next web design project.

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