SEO: Top 3 frequently asked questions

What is search engine optimization?

One of the most asked question I hear from potential clients is what is search engine optimization (commonly referred to as “SEO”)? It is a process of improving and promoting ones website in order to increase sites visibility for particular keywords in search engines and therefore boost its traffic. While there are many aspects of SEO, the main and possibly the most important one is the title tag. Many times SEO companies will claim science like involved process, while they will simply structure your web site to make it more search engine friendly, so that they can better understand it.

Does my website need SEO?

Think of an SEO as a door way to website traffic. The keys to these doors are being help by the three major search engines which are the Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Majority of online traffic is being driven by these search engines, even though there are other doors such as social media.

Now what is important to understand is that each business seeks, or should seek, targeted traffic. That is a person who is looking for your product, business, or solution. The search engines open the door and introduce you or your business website to that traffic. Now if you are not available to the search engines, you miss on all this potential traffic that could yield lots of business. So deciding if you should invest in SEO, ask yourself if your business could use the extra boost in traffic and ROI.

Why can’t I do SEO myself?

You absolutely can! While the SEO world itself can be complex, yet another learning curve amongst the many, getting the basic understanding of the SEO can be very beneficial. There are a ton of online materials to learn from, many good articles, videos, tutorials, and such. Starting from the basic SEO fundamentals and working your way into practice, you will definitely be able to do SEO yourself in no time.

However, keep in mind that this might not work for everyone. SEO will take away a lot of your time from your business. It will require patience, a lot of reading, and it can get overwhelming. If you find it that this is not for you, it might be a good time to hire an SEO expert to do this for you. Deciding this before you compromise your business you are trying to grow is essential.

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