Three Steps to Small Business Social Media


Lately we have been hearing a lot of people complain that their social media efforts are not driving desired results, therefore lacking significant return on investment. When they see such failure they are simply losing interest and moving away from social media channels. But all this can be fixed with a few simple techniques that a lot of them are failing to realize, that they are simply doing wrong.

When you look at your business social channels, let’s say Facebook or Twitter for example, what are you posting that is of interest to your customers? Many of those who are failing to generate appropriate results find out that their business and personal social accounts share the same principle. That is their posts are simply based on trends such as “I woke up”, “time for coffee”, “traffic sucks”, “eating lunch”.

Now when you put yourself in your customer shoes, this kind of posting is simply a big turn-off which will lead to falling out and won’t generate any interest plain and simple. Now this is not to say that your posts should be robot like and without any personal touch, but posts and updates on your business should relate to the business. Whether this is about business product or service, or industry news, keep in mind that customers follow you to stay up to date about the business not “dinner is served picture”.

So let’s review three steps about social media that a lot of people seem to be doing wrong. Follow these steps and most certainly you will see a big change on your social platform, interest, and goals achieved worth the effort.

Do not oversell

Remember the golden 80/20 rule when you are posting on your social platforms, do not sell and run offers constantly over and over again. Offer engaging information, post news related to your industry, company news, product news, and consumer news and so on.

Engage Your Customers

Understanding and engaging your customers is the key. Provide information that you know they are looking for. You might provide links to other news sites, YouTube videos, industry news, offer tips, basically information or promotions that you know they will find useful.

Plan Your Posts

Pick a day and time, best suitable for you, sit down and plan the next week’s posts, or next month’s posts. Think about company upcoming promotions, news, trade-shows, events nearby, holidays, any special events that is coming up. This makes it easy to prepare and stay organized without having to think about what you are going to post.

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