FaxColo approaches us for new brand identity and website design. Let’s take a look at how we have helped FaxColo step out from an old outdated website, poorly designed brand, to the new creative heights.

“One of the main goals was to build a strong foundation for marketing”, stated FaxColo’s CEO, Doug Olive. Coming to WebCo Interactive to unleash our genius creative thinking and apply it to their existing product and services offered was not an easy task. After some market research and business analysis, picking calm and relaxing colors was our main priority in order to establish a strong presence in company’s green technology.  From the new logo, to modern corporate website, and marketing efforts FaxColo is ready to set out into the world of possibilities.

“WebCo has done a great job that will enable us to secure future growth in our company and have effective marketing strategies as we move forward”, stated Doug Olive. For more information about FaxColo and to view the website please point your browsers to: www.faxcolo.com.